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&nbsp &nbsp &nbspFIT has been climbing upthe charts for best fashion

         FIT has been climbing upthe charts for best fashion and art schools in 2016. With such news being thetalk, it makes me even more confident that as a transfer student I am makingthe right choice to continue my college journey at FIT and taking the right stepstowards my future career.      I wouldn’t considermyself to be a “perfect” candidate for FIT, however I do consider myself to bea good candidate because I believe I have potential. My first year of collegewasn’t the best in terms of performance which is quite evident from mytranscript. On the same note, my second year of college was significantlybetter. I feel that my uncertainty of what I wanted to do in the futureaffected my performance. What really made me push myself to do better was theultimatum my mom gave me, by the end of my second year, to decide exactly whatI wanted to do in the future or to follow my sister and apply to a nursingprogram. My area of interest has always been art so there was no way I wasgoing to spend the rest of my life pursuing a career I had no interest in. I immediatelyput my first year behind me and pulled myself together. I took my classes veryseriously and did the best I could. By the end of the year my work payed offand I made it onto the Dean’s List for both the fall and spring semesters. Inthe end I decided I wanted to pursuit a career in which I can actually seemyself doing, a career with endless possibilities, a career that is challengingyet fun, a career in the vast world of art and fashion and what better collegeto attend than FIT when it comes to art and fashion? By looking at what FIT hasto offer I am confident that I will achieve my goal.      Now that I have changedmyself for the better, my academic performance will only keep improving overtime. Because I have found my career path, I have a more enthusiastic mindsetabout my passion for art which makes me even more confident that I can contributeto the creativity that the students and faculty bring forth at FIT. I am alsoconfident that the knowledge that I have acquired from my previous will aide mein my new journey, especially the art courses that I have taken. They helped meput together a diverse portfolio displaying the different art techniques andmediums I have been exposed to. I have taken a French language course as well.I chose to take French considering my career path. The overall learningexperience was very fun and I plan to continue learning French at FIT. Iwouldn’t mind taking another language as it would open my view to a differentculture and is very beneficial towards my future career.      At first choosing a major was a bit hard afterseeing the multiple different majors that are offered. If possible I would haveliked to try all, but after going through the list several times one majorstood out to me. It was the jewelry design program. It got me thinking aboutwhat my mom and I do in our spear time together, making jewelry. We would buyall types of jewelry, from big to small, and alter them to our liking, makingnecklaces into bracelets and earrings or create matching sets. Then I startedto think about how much fun it would be to design and create my own jewelry, todeal with all the different materials and how endless the possibilities are. Iwas very interested and clicked on the link to read all about the program. The experiencethat the program offers appealed to me and I really enjoy hands on art themost, so I decided to make it my major. To be able to create something thatcompletes an outfit, something which we give to those who mean a lot to us, itseems like a very worthwhile career to choose.     I visit the FIT websitefrom time to time to read about the students’ experiences and look at theirwork, it is very inspiring. I cannot wait to become part of such a studentbody, where everyone sincerely enjoys what they do and are confident in doingso. I am ready to begin my journey at FIT, “Where creativity gets down tobusiness.”

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