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My Subject is ( How cars improved technology  and got very expensive for middle class )___———-(( PLEASE MAKE IT EASY TO READ WITH NO HARD VOCABULARY  WITH GOOD POINTS ))——–___You will complete a Thesis Proposal before each of your three formal speech assignments. The purpose of this assignment is to:Enable you to narrow your speech purpose to a manageable scopeDemonstrate your understanding of relevant course concepts Allow me to approve your topic and speech goals.  Consider this your first chance to fully articulate (to me) your vision of how your speech will go. The more detailed your proposal is, the better my feedback will be, and the greater your chances for success.  Proposal Requirements:Proposal due dates can be found in the course schedule. You will submit your proposal via the appropriate D2L dropbox.You should limit yourself to one to two pages, typed, 12-point font, and any outline you include should be APA formatted.  Your proposal should include:A definition of your topic.Not only should I get a sense for the broader topic, but what about that topic you will be covering. For the purposes of our speech assignments, you won’t have time to cover everything about a given topic. Your proposal should indicate how you’re narrowing that topic down into a manageable scope.A thesis statement. Your thesis should incorporate both a statement of purpose and a “so what?” factor. In other words, your thesis should indicate what you want to accomplish through the speech and a justification for your topic and your position on it.A brief outline that articulates your main point structure. You must offer sufficient detail pertaining to the development of the body of your speech. (In other words, saying that “wiener dogs” is your first main point is not sufficient enough detail to articulate your goal for main point one. Explain what you plan to say about wiener dogs to support your overall speech goal.) You may include an outline of your sub-structure if it helps you to articulate your ideas more effectively.Note: Your proposal is NOT your final draft outline. A final draft sentence outline (with citation page) is due in the appropriate D2L dropbox by the time indicated in the syllabus. Your final outline will likely include elements of your proposal, but is ultimately a different assignment with more detailed requirements. APA formatting will carry much more weight for the final draft so be sure that you’re mindful to update and alter your proposal accordingly.Note: You will be submitting a briefly annotated citation page with your Speech 2 & 3 Proposals. The annotated citation page will be worth 10 of the 20 available points for the proposal assignment. For each source, write a short paragraph that illustrates the credibility and applicability of the source as it relates to your topic, speech goals, and your audience. 150-200 words per annotation will suffice.

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