Music Assignment

This week you will be delving deeper into Indian ragas. For the assignment, take your time. Listen through to the pieces a couple times, taking notes (time stamps) along the way. Try to connect your listening experience to the Thinking Musically and WOM texts, where the books talk about ragas. You should see the overall form followed. In comparing the two pieces, look for stylistic differences as well.

Don’t forget our Watercooler Discussion Board, where you can interact with fellow students and myself with questions/comments.

Listening to two versions of Raga Lalit.

Perform a time stamp entry for each version of Raga Lalit below–one on spotify and one on YouTube. These recordings are two versions of the same raga. Then, write a 100-200 word summary, focusing on the presence of melody and harmony in these performances. Be sure to offer some contextual information, and a subjective response comparing these two performances. And for the video, you can include what you pick up visually as well.

Remember, follow the sound journal example in week 3 to see how to properly complete time stamping. And the more detailed the better. I would really suggest listening through to each piece twice, and filling in more the second time on each.

Rashid Khan – Raga Lalit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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