Mr. Boyle is a 55-year-oldhigh school principal who has come

Mr. Boyle is a 55-year-oldhigh school principal who has come in for an assessment. He reports that thisis due to his wife’s concern after he had a heated interaction with the schoolboard recently. This interaction has put his job as a principal in jeopardy.Mr. Boyle reports that his wife states that their marriage is unbearable due toMr. Boyle’s difficulty in getting along with others, and that if it does notimprove, she will have to leave him. During the interview Mr. Boyle states thatalthough he has always been a suspicious person, this has lately increased.Despite this admission, he goes on to explain that he believes members of theschool board are conspiring with some of the faculty at his school and bitterparents of former students to have him removed from his position as principal.He reports that 1 of the school board administrators recently shared with Mr.Boyle that since his appointment as principal 2 years ago, he has been drivingeveryone “nuts” because he is too structured. Mr. Boyle reports that he hasbeen doing the best job he can and that he believes this statement stems fromjealousy, as the board member’s friend also wanted the principal position. Whenquestioned in more detail, Mr. Boyle shares that he may be overreacting andthat he may be at fault for some of these issues. However, he reports that hespends a significant amount of time thinking about how he is being mistreatedby the school board. He admits that this is causing him to not perform as wellas he could at work.When Mr. Boyle’s wifeis questioned separately, she reports that Mr. Boyle has always had a difficulttime making friends and trusting in others. She reports that recently he hasbecome more irritable and argumentative with her, his friends, and the facultyat his school. She shared that the recent fight with the school board was overMr. Boyle’s insistence that he had been passed over for an adequate yearlyraise. Although the school board explained to Mr. Boyle that the all of theprincipals’ yearly raises had been reduced this year due to budget cuts, heinsisted on presenting his case to the school board. She reports that after hewas still refused the raise he has been sullen, has told her he feels helplessand hopeless, and has lost interest in most of the things that previouslyinterested him. She reports that this began the same week he was refused theraise.Mr. Boyle’s 2children are also interviewed—a boy, 15 years old, and a girl, 17 years old.They both report that Mr. Boyle is very strict and runs the household like adrill sergeant. He monitors every expense, where they go, and who they arewith. Mr. Boyle’s daughter even reports that he will check her gas gauge in hercar to see if the gas used matches the distance she told him she went. Shebelieves he is just a “penny-pincher.”When asked todescribe himself, Mr. Boyle says he is very proud of the fact that he is aperson who cannot be taken advantage of, as he can spot a con from a mile away.He reports that he came from a very poor family and worked his way to where heis today. He reports that although he had to endure a lot of adverse situationsand jealous people, he has made his way to the top on his own abilities.

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