Minimum 2000 words and must have at least 10 quality referen

Minimum 2000 words and must have at least 10 quality references with links, all APA style + Citation.There is no upper limit for number of words or number of references.Please discuss different aspects of Kaplan and Norton’s areas of change for organizations, Hostead’s multi-cultural complexities, GLOBE study and dimensions of CLT (Culturally endorsed implicit theory of leadership). Please mention why these are important from leadership point of view.You may provide your suggestions for developing inter-cultural learning and leadership skill, understand multi-cultural group dynamics and alternative perspectives to think critically and solve problems.Also mention how leaders should develop strategies to face in sustainability, ethics and community developments because of which world has seen many instances of dark side of leadership in various geographical regions. Can you find the universally positive and universally negative leadership behavior in different business leaders and your views how these could be managed by them for success.

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