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Living Religions&nbsp[img alt=9780205956401′ src=https//www.

    Living Religions [img alt=’9780205956401′ src=’’>ISBN:9780205956401Format:PaperbackAuthor:Fisher, Mary PatPublication Date:2013-01-08Product Code:Book1. Please name and describe a Hindu deity or ritual that you find particularly interesting and say what intrigues you about your chosen deity or ritual.2. Explain how the teaching of ahimsa influences the daily lives of lay Jains and discuss one element of the Jain ecological ethics which you think might be adaptable for Westerners wanting to help with environmental issues facing the planet.You may answer either or both questions for your Week 2 formal response. Note that formal  need to be at least 125 words, carefully proofread, and they need to be based exclusively on your understanding of our required text. No outside materials, please.Please respond to the following statement:Havan ritual I will be talking about. havan in hindusim, a scared fireplace around which ritual fire ceremonies are conducted. It is sometimes called a ‘sacrifice ritual’ because the fire destroys the offering. The fir is the agent and the offering is those that are material and symbolic such as grains, fruits, milk, seeds. The fire is suppose to purify the environment and those who participate in the havan.The havan is also suppose to bring the person good fortune and health. The havan is a ritual that be used in life and death. What caught my eye about the havan is that the Hindus use fire the to purify the environment and to bring a person good luck.I could why the havan is used in wedding, because a couple entering a phase of their life and could use all the good fortune and  blessings they can get.

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