Literary criticism seeks not to replace the text by explaini

Literary criticism seeks not to replace the text by explaining it but to enhance our reading of works by calling attention to elements that we might have overlooked or or only vaguely sensed’   (Mayer166)Make a cogent, original claim about the meaning of a poem (or two poems, if your are comparing them). Support this claim  with an explication of of the poem(s)  ( a close analysis and reading of the text), including sufficient examples and quotations from the text in the body of your paper. Include at least two secondary sources in your paper, and use MLA documentation style.The paper should be at least 3 pages, with 1-inch margins, front size 12, double spaced.Note, I want this paper done in undergraduate level, very simple language that can reflect my level. The poem should be from Michael Meyer ‘ the COMPACT Bedford Introduction to Literature’    Tenth Edition

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