. List the premises and conclusion of thefollowing argument,

. List the premises and conclusion of thefollowing argument, restating any rhetorical questions as declarative sentencesand any emotive language in purely cognitive terms. Identify any assumptions,and list them as separate premises. Then identify any fallacies of reasoningand explain how this particularargument commits those fallacies. Lackof money is not the problem with public schools. Just the opposite: the morethey get, the worse they become. Since the schools in Washington, D.C. arehorrible and receive 2.8 times as much money per student as California schools,one could conclude that matching that funding level here in California woulddrop school performance to the D.C. level. Ugh. The teacher’s unions and thebureaucrats have created the current mess, and the only way out is to privatizeall California schools. It is a simple choice: do we care more about childrenor about unions and bureaucracy? I have a question are you going to reply back the answer today?

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