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Leadership is all about the influence on others, not theposi

    Leadership is all about the influence on others, not theposition.The position you find yourself can cause more influence onother rather than being in a top position. An effective leader is such that in not necessarily meant to be thepresident of CEO but middle class personnel that influence other in achievingthe set goals.  The belief that to become a leader you must hold a top-levelposition is a misconception that should be corrected. There is a dynamicinfluence that potential leaders have on others and it does not have to do withthe position held on the level at management. Leadership has to do with thechoose you make and not the place you are.  The myth about your destination will define your leadershipskill is a wrong ideology. A good leader learns from little responsibility andit prepares for the greater responsibility ahead.   Things needed to accomplish a good leadership position1. Developing a solid relationship with importantpersonnel2. Teamwork 3. Communication

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