Lab 1&nbsp Introduction MicrosoftWordI.&nbsp Videos1.&nbspBasic For

Lab 1:  Introduction; MicrosoftWordI.  Videos1. Basic Formatting for Word.  2. Tables. References. that if you still havequestions about formatting in Microsoft Word, you could search YouTube (orotherwise Google) for more how-to videos. This site: a good set of tutorials for all Office products.II. AssignmentPrior to lab, watch the videoslisted above and complete the survey availablein the GEN1001W Content/Lecture folder in Blackboard.  Finally, download UsingAmazon_Bland.docx from the Lab 1 folder, and edit the paper inthe following ways (as illustrated in videos):1.  Createsub headings, nicely formatted.2. Add a title page and table of contents.3. Add one figure and one table with appropriate labeling.4. Create a list of figures under the table of contents.5. Use APA style for references.Submit your file (named “Lab01_LastNameFirstInitial.docx”) using theappropriate link in the Laboratory Submission folder on Blackboard.  Your submission is due no later than at thebeginning of next week’s lab period.

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