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Judaism, Greek and Roman societies, and the rise of Christia

    Judaism, Greek and Roman societies, and the rise of Christianity. Each of these cultures and religions had clear laws, tenets, or codes that were fundamental to its society or beliefs. Many of them have transcended time to impact our lives today in a wide variety of ways. Three specific rights from ancient times have made their way into our understanding of basic human rights. Not only America, but many countries around the world believe that many rights developed long ago are fundamental to human rights and should be a part of every modern society. These are written in the United Nations Declaration of Human RightsLook at each of the three rights above and think about them for a moment. Are these new concepts to you? How do they function in our society? Are they part of every society across the world? Think back to the unit and consider which of these laws may have roots in ancient cultures and religions, especially, the Mosaic law, Christian thought, and Greek and Roman governments. Take one at a time and trace its origin. Where was each concept derived from, and how has it changed over time? How might this particular idea have been different from ideas in other cultures? How would it have changed the way that people functioned in society?

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