ITPM Q1. What are the skills necessary to be an effective P

ITPM: Q1. What are the skills necessary to be an effective Project Manager? How important is it for a project manager running an IT project to have technical skills in technology being used in the project they are running? Explain and elaborate.Requirement: 350 words with Citations in APA Format. Q2. Write 500 – 550-word paper succinctly answering the below question:Define what the project management framework is and explain what pieces make up the framework. What are the processes and framework? What is the purpose of having a framework?Textbook For Reference: (Pleas try to write it from textbook)Title:  Methods of IT Project Management (Second Edition)Author: Jeffrey L. Brewer; Kevin C. DittmanISBN  : 978-1-55753-663-1Please Take Great Care of Plagiarism, Grammar !! My Friend Failed in Subject Because of the Plagiarism work given by a tutor. So I request you if you cant provide quality work..please dont bid to this question.

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