Instructions Guidelines for the assignmentsPlease write 25

Instructions Guidelines for the assignments:Please write 25 pages APA format External Analysis The first major section of the paper is the External/Industry Analysis. The goal of this section is to identify relevant opportunities and threats. Please note that this section is about the industry and industry-related environments, not about your company which is internal.  You may refer to your company to illustrate a point but you should discuss the actions of other firms in the industry as well (competitor analysis). You should start with a brief introduction to this section that explains the analysis and identifies the subsections of the Industry Analysis. Each section that has multiple parts should also have a brief introduction for each section as well.  You want to guide the reader through your paper.The external section of your strategic plan should include five subsections (title each section clearly):1.Before starting the analysis, clearly identify the client’s industry (start with a NAICS code- is it accurate?  If not, how do you want to define the industry? Check the Hillsborough County Business Directory for classifications).  After your group agrees on how to define the industry, describe the economic characteristics of the industry.  For example, you may address the size (sales)b.sales growth ratec.stage of the life cycle (of the industry)d.types of products sold (highly differentiated, weakly differentiated or very similar products)e.scope of rivalry (local, regional, national, international, global)f.key competitors in the industry (who are key competitors? where are they? What size are they? Is competition fragmented or consolidated?)2.You should identify the key success factors (KSF) for the industry. What are the critical factors that determine whether a firm will be successful in this industry?  What must a firm deliver to be successful? You should identify 3-5 factors that are unique to being successful in this industry and give examples of companies that illustrate each key success factor. Be specific on how you know these factors are important to be successful.Don’t try to cover everything a company needs to do to be successful (i.e. make a good product, make money, have good employees….) but try to focus on what is unique to being successful in this industry. What differentiates the successful and not so successful companies?3.The third part is to discuss structural forces affecting industry profitability using Porter’s 5 Forces analysis.  If one of Porter’s Five Forces is deemed not important in the industry, then you do not need to discuss that force.  Nevertheless, you should mention in the introduction to the section what the five forces are and indicate which forces aren’t relevant (and why) and which forces will be addressed.Be sure to utilize your research to demonstrate with concrete examples how strong forces negatively affect profitability or how particularly weak forces create an opportunity for increased profitability.  You need to show how buyers, suppliers, new entrants, competitive rivalry or substitutes have negatively affected profit margins.4.The fourth step is to identify and discuss driving forces or macro environmental trends (economic, social, demographic, legal/regulatory, ecological, and technology) that are creating opportunities or threats to the industry. Again, focus on the trends that are impacting the industry.  If ecological trends aren’t important, for example, don’t force them into your paper.  **The use of research and concrete examples are critical to demonstrate how these trends are creating growth opportunities or threats to future growth. Do not rely on your common sense or what your gramma told you over a dinner table. 5.Conclude the section with a summary of the opportunities and threats for the industry.  You should include all opportunities and threats you have identified and discussed throughout this section (i.e. in the KSF, Five Forces Analysis or in the Trend Analysis). The list should not contain any opportunities that you did not include in your analyses of KSF, Porter’s 5 forces or trend analysis (but it should include all that you did discuss!). Since you have already discussed the opportunities and threats, you do not need to repeat the same discussion here.  Develop and list the opportunities and threats that you have identified (maybe in bullet forms). Please note that this section is about the industry and not your company.  You may refer to your company to illustrate a point but you should discuss the actions of other firms in the industry as well.This case about Girl Scoutsplease write Table of ContentsJust focus on External Analysis don’t write a recommendation  Please read the Chapter PPTX attached and understand it than write what are the External Analysis that relevant to  the caseAnd there are attached files about the case please read it carefully and write the research paper  PLEASE WRITE OUTLINE ASAP I NEED IT ON 09/19/2016Don’t forget to send me an outline first than start writing the paper INSTRUCTIONS this is big project so you have follow the instructions very carefully.

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