In this assignment, you will create your own heat map using

In this assignment, you will create your own heat map using special software or graphics tools. You will need a wireless device for this lab, so if you do not have one, you will need to borrow one from a friend. You can use a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc., anything that is a wireless device and can measure a signal. Select a building or location near you and take a Google satellite view of the area. Next, you will need to collect signal strengths in at least 12 different spots around this area. Create a map of the area and assign these values to the locations you measured. Lastly, create a color code that matches up to good/medium/poor strengths.To aid you in this effort, there are many free/cheap tools available. For Windows or Mac laptops, check out the first two links. Android users can also download an app. These tools will generate all the graphics for you as you walk around your location.Windows  ekahau HeatMapperApple (Free) NetSpotAndroid ($2.50) WiFi HeatWhen you are finished, submit an image (jpg, gif, png, bmp) or PowerPoint/Doc file with your image embedded. It should look similar to the heat map shown above (see attached file).

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