In this assignment, you will choose one issue discussed in t

In this assignment, you will choose one issue discussed in this unit and examine it through the lenses of four of the theories studied in Units 1-4. (Egoism, Altruism, Utilitarianism, & Kantianism). Thus, you will get to know this particular issue well and have a chance to compare and contrast the way different theories work.Instructions1.  Select one of the issues discussed in Unit 6. Make sure it’s one that interests you, as you will be writing about it from several different points of view.2.  In a Word document, write an essay on one issue from this unit, analyzing it from the point of view of four ethical theories. For each of those theories, your essay should include the following:A brief explanation of the ethical theoryA discussion of whether the theory is consequential or non-consequentialAn analysis of the contemporary issue from this unit based on the theoryA conclusion on the issue based on the theoryAnecdotes from your own life, if relevant3.  Save and submit your work to your instructor.Writing RequirementsYour essay must be four to five pages in length.Your document must be double-spaced using a 12-point font with 1-inch margins and include your name at the top of the first page.Proofread your document to eliminate mechanical and grammatical errors.For citations, follow APA format.TOPICS:Read Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Chapter 15, “Punishment and the Death Penalty”Read Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Chapter 16, “Environmental Ethics”Read Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Chapter 17, “Animal Ethics”Read Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Chapter 18, “Biotechnology and Bioengineering”Read Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Chapter 19, “Violence and War”Read Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Chapter 20, “Global Justice and Globalization”

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