In this activity, you will imagine that a room in your house

In this activity, you will imagine that a room in your house or an area of your yard or driveway is a crime scene.In Part 1, you will stage your crime scene. You will imagine where evidence might be and place markers to represent the evidence. In Part 2, you will measure your crime scene and the location of your evidence. You should also make notes both on your notepad and later on the rough sketch if necessary. In Part 3, you will use the measurements to draw a rough sketch of your crime scene. Choose either an overhead view or a cross-projection for your rough sketch. You will then use your rough sketch to create a finished, scaled sketch in Part 4.must come up with own information, rough sketch of crime scene on grid and final sketch on grid plus all the details required.The 3 word docs that i attached are the instructions and the grid paper needed to do the assignment, please open all of them. The powerpoint is another way of telling u step by step instructions.must look at attachments and follow step by step!!!!

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