In the poem “ The Negro Speaks of Rivers” the speaker us

In the poem “ The Negro Speaks of Rivers” the speaker uses rivers as a metaphor to represent the history of his people, meaning the origins and accomplishments of Blacks. What makes this poem different from the other poems is that the speaker is representing a particular group of people. His viewpoint is the viewpoint of his people. Since the poem mainly tells how black people in different parts of the world have accomplished many great things, taking from a viewpoint of those people makes a great connection and gives more meaning to the theme. “We Real Cool” talks from the viewpoint of the seven pool players. Those seven pool players represents people from the Harlem Renaissance who mainly spent most of their times playing pool or listening to jazz music. The poem tells how the pool players are rebellious and how they think they are cool but admit that the lifestyle would eventually lead them to an early death. The speakers’ viewpoints makes the theme of the poem realistic and creates and great connection.

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