In Stage 4, you will prepare anÂ&nbspannotated outlineÂ&nbspof yourÂ

In Stage 4, you will prepare an annotated outline of your proposed IT solution and the next steps in the implementation of that solution.  The next steps will include:  project management, system development life cycle, process changes, training and measurements of success as they apply to the process being improved and the IT solution you are proposing· Write a short concise outline:  3-4 pages of content (outline is already set up)· An annotated outline provides the basic information in full sentences, but in outline form rather than in paragraph form. · You should provide all of the important facts, without the expanded discussions used in full papers. · Each entry should be single spaced; double spacing should be used between entries, as shown in the assignment outline above.· Make sure all entries in your annotated outline are complete sentences.Instructions:Haircuts Stage 4.docxWALMART EXAMPLE stage 4.docxPlease follow the exact instructions Step by Step from the word document. Haircuts Case Study.docx

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