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In June 2014 Phillip and Barbara Jones and their two depende

    In June 2014 Phillip and Barbara Jones and their two dependent children,who are both over 17, moved from Chicago to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a distanceof 1,327 miles, which they drove in their own car. The children’s names areRoger and Gwen and both will be attending the University of New Mexico in thefall, Roger as a freshman and Gwen as a junior. The move was a result of a jobtransfer for Phillip. The distance from their old home to Phillip’s old officewas 30 miles. Barbara quit her job in Chicago and decided to perform volunteerwork for a year before seeking further employment. Phillip and Barbara incurredexpenses of $4,550 to the moving company (which included $320 for temporaryfurniture storage), hotel charges of $550, and meals of $712 en route fromChicago to Albuquerque.calculate moving expensive

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