In Berg, et al. (2011) Chapter 14, genetic engineering is de

In Berg, et al. (2011) Chapter 14, genetic engineering is described. Farmers, animal breeders, and scientists have been making genetic selections for desirable characteristics in farm plants and animals for centuries using traditional breeding methods. Genetic engineering has the potential to accomplish this in a fraction of the time. However, the production of genetically modified plants and farm animals using the new techniques in molecular biology is controversial. Furthermore, the development of genetic engineering technology opens possibility of cloning human body parts or even individuals. Your response needs to adequately cover the topic which in general should take at least 250 words. After reviewing your text, the website on cloning technology, and at least one other credible reference source, explain your opinion of two or more of the following questions: Is genetic engineering fundamentally different than traditional plant and livestock breeding?  Does that matter?What is your opinion on creating, growing, and consuming genetically modified plants (GMOs)?What is your opinion about using genetic engineering to develop ‘better’ farm animals?Can genetic technology offer a solution to world food shortages (an environmental problem)?

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