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In 150 words or more, discuss the health benefits of dietary fiber. Questions to Answer and What I Expect:

    In 150 words or more, discuss the health benefits of dietary fiber. Questions to Answer and What I Expect:Discuss at least 3 health benefits of a diet that meets the DRI for dietary fiber from unrefined plant foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds). (25pts)Include at least one reference from a peer-reviewed scientific journal (25pts).See Text chapter 1 for a definition of a peer-reviewed journal. You have the option of searching PubMed for research on dietary fiber.Click this link:PubMed, and watch the video tutorial that explains how to use PubMed,. HINT: don’t use the search box in this link: DO watch the video and go to PUBMED to search dietary fiber.Choose a research study and create an active link that will take readers to an abstract of the research study. Check your link to make sure it works BEFORE you submit your post. This link can serve as your reference. (25pts)NOTE: if you are having problems finding a peer reviewed research study on dietary fiber in human nutrition contact a reference librarian and any campus library. If you are having problems creating an active link for this assignment, contact the eLearning help desk at 561-868-4000.Using your Iprofile Diet Analysis report “Intake compared to DRI”, tell us how many grams of dietary fiber you consumed.Assuming that you need more dietary fiber, how would you change your diet to meet the DRI for fiber? Give at least 3 behavioral goals that are realistic, measurable and achievable for you. An example of a goal might be: “Florida Strawberries are in season and I plan to include them with whipped cream as dessert 2 nights this week”. (25pts)What I expect:Answer all questions above.Review the text and powerpoint lecture on dietary fiber (Lesson 4 Part 3).Defend your statements with at least 1 reference to a peer reviewed scientific journal and include a WORKING active link to the reference.

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