Ill give you the outline to write on. Based on the informati

Ill give you the outline to write on. Based on the information from the articles.A. Your report must:1. Be written based on the final outline developedin part 3 of the assignment.2. Have a minimum of 2 pages, double spaced, 12ptFont Times New Roman. 3. Use standard rules for grammar and writing. 4. Focus the topic on the impact technology has onsocial aspects.5. Include at least one short quote from eacharticle, following MLA formatting.6. Include a References page that is MLA formatted. If you are not sure of the correct works cited procedure, check out theCITING ELECTRONIC SOURCES section in the “Citing Sources: MLA Format”document on the link Web site. include a separate page atthe end of your report which will be titled Works Cited. The works citedbasic format would be: Cook, John. ‘Technologyin the ballpark? Of course, it’s Seattle.’ Seattle Post-Intelligencer. (14July 1999). Web. 4 August 2007.AdditionalRequirements:1. Create a Header and include your Name and ClassSection2. Create a Footer and Include Centered PageNumbers3. Apply Bold, Center, Heading 1 Style, to yourTitle4. Do not use Paragraph Titles5. Indent Each Paragraph6. Use transition Sentences to move from onesection to another7. Spell Check, Grammar Check8. Have someone else read your paper before yousubmit it.9. “References” page should be titled, Bold,Centered, Heading 1 Style and follow MLA format.The articles

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