Identifya company of interest that engages in corporate soci

Identifya company of interest that engages in corporate social networking. Students areencouraged to select companies with social networking sites that they havepersonally used in the past. The company may be public or private, for-profitor non-profit, and provide goods or services. Once a company has beenidentified, answer the following questions about Domino’s Pizza Company:Socialmedia objectives are listed at bottom of page. Identify the company’sprimary social media objectives based on actual communications on itssocial networking site. Be sure to provide examples.Afterestablishing a listening platform, the organization should develop a list ofobjectives for its social media team to accomplish. These objectives must bedeveloped with a clear understanding of how social media change thecommunication dynamic with and for customers. Remember—attempting to reach amass audience with a static message will never be as successful as influencingpeople through conversation. Marketing managers must set objectives thatreflect this reality. Here are some practical ideas that marketing managersshould consider when setting social media objectives:  LISTENAND LEARN: Monitor what is being said about the brand and competitors, andglean insights about audiences. Use online tools and do research to implementthe best social media practices. If you have established a listening strategy,this objective should already be accomplished.  BUILD RELATIONSHIPS AND AWARENESS:Open dialogues with stakeholders by giving them compelling content across avariety of media. Engage in conversations, and answer customers’ questionscandidly. This will both increase Web traffic and boost your search engineranking. This is where crowdsourcing can be useful for product development andcommunication campaign feedback.  PROMOTEPRODUCTS AND SERVICES: The clearest path to increasing the bottom lineusing social media is to get customers talking about products and services,which ultimately translates into sales.  MANAGE YOUR REPUTATION:Develop and improve the brand’s reputation by responding to comments andcriticism that appear on blogs and forums. Additionally, organizations canposition themselves as helpful and benevolent by participating in other forumsand discussions. Social media make it much easier to establish and communicateexpertise.  IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customercomments about products and services will not always be positive. Use socialmedia to search out displeased customers and engage them directly in order tosolve their service issues.

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