I need to paraphrase this President Johnson believed in the

I need to paraphrase this: President Johnson believed in the domino theory. He stated that they should do whatever they could, even if it leads to going into war just to end communism in Vietnam. When he paid Vietnam a visit, he was very shocked to learn that the Viet Cong were controlling almost all of the countryside. He decided that something has to be done and began thinking of a strategy to prevent or avoid the spread of communism. The war began.During the war, the American troops had the advantage of having the most powerful weapons. The South Vietnamese were highly affected because of the war. Many towns or village were destructed, many women, men, children were killed. In March 1968, one of the American troops purposely assassinated innocent women, men, and many children in the village ‘My Lai’, they thought that they were joined with the Viet Cong, but they weren’t. That want all, many other conflicts have happened between the American troops and innocent people. Also, racism has spread rapidly between the American troops. The American soldiers, in the beginning of the war, their self-esteem and confidence was very high, but slowly began to vanish as the war carried on. Many of the soldiers took all kinds of drugs to ease their problems and others attacked their own officers to let them stay out of combat. If I were to live during the Vietnam War, I would be a dove opposing the war. Many Vietnamese civilians were murdered in the war, and the American soldiers’ emotions were unstable to the point that they started taking much kind of drugs and attacking their own officers begging them to not put them back on the battlefield. When people started to notice how bad the war has gone, they wanted it to stop and ask for peace. Almost all of the U.S citizens wanted the United States to have war.The technology revolution of the 1990’s has taken a complete stir. It changed the whole globalization specially the American economic. This is exceptionally see-able in numerous perspectives, for example, health, infrastructure and business, nearly every part of life has been influenced by advancements in technology since the nineties. Technology has been an extraordinary contributing factor to the lives of Americans today and has rearranged lives in a wide range of ways.The American IT area adjust to changes in ways in which they access data. In the past there were not very many technological progressions yet now there has been an enormous change in computers. Americans can now access data of all views in their lives in a simple and straightforward way. We have the capacity to get entrance to data, for example, economic and business issues in the country and around the world, contrasted with the past, where it was difficult to get hold of such things.Americans in the past had an altogether different social life contrasted with Americans today who have been extremely influenced by the progressions and revolution in technology. Different social-networking have improved how Americans share their information with others. The data which has been shared has likewise been utilized for different purposes like private issues, political purposes and in addition to commercials. Technology has adjusted the way Americans impact different issues through their own thoughts, thus the joining of Americans was made efficient by social networking sites.The greater part of the technology progressions in the nineties enormously changed the education section for Americans. Technology has likewise helped parts of innovation and research. Technology helps improve conducting research and discovering information on the subject. This progression in technology has significantly influenced Americans and has turn into the greatest source of information for Americans.

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