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Psychological Perspectives Paper

1.      This is a 4-5 page paper (including cover page and reference page)

2.      Explain any 3  of the 7 psychological perspectives (chapter 1).

3.      This paper must be typed and double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman and utilize title and subtitles in bold

4.      Do not write in first person, this is a research paper, not an essay.

5.      This paper must contain a cover page (including running header and page number) and a reference page (APA formatted), introductory paragraph and conclusion paragraph.

6.      This paper must include citations (mandatory).

7.      This paper must be in APA format. Refer to PurdueOwl.org for APA formatting.

8.      This paper must be submitted in Word format on Blackboard. It the paper cannot be opened, it cannot be graded.

9.      This paper must contain at least two scholarly sources (Wikipedia, spark notes, psychology.com. simple psychology, about psychology, boundless textbook, encyclopedia, dictionary and brain quotes are not acceptable). Utilize the Odessa College online library or Google Scholarly. The references must be within five years (2011-2016) This paper will be submitted through SafeAssign and should be under 15% for originality.   References must be within 5 years.  Write as a research paper, not an essay.


Directions:  Select and discuss any three of twenty-first century perspectives (Evolutionary, Humanistic, Sociocultural, Behaviorism, Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Biological, etc.) to explain human behavior.



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