I need this questionnaire filled,&nbspits an oil and gas compan

I need this questionnaire filled, its an oil and gas company. Ive put some information in, but please expand on what I have put in.Initial Business Development QuestionnaireDescribe in detail the products/services youwill sellThis agency is engaged in procurement of oil and gas equipment’ssuch as piping, valves etc.Why will customers want to buy yourproducts/services? What is your competitive edge?We offer competitive pricing and superior services. We havestaff with experience in the industry and can provide quality advice to ourcustomersDescribe the characteristics of your potential customers(such as age, income, location, attitudes, etc.).Describe your experience and knowledge thatqualifies you to operate this business successfullyDescribe your management experiencesWhy have you chosen this business?Do you have all the skills needed to start andoperate this business (marketing, financial, legal, taxes, etc.) if not, inwhat areas will you need assistance?I

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