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n Chapter 5, we will discuss a topic called self-regulation.  This out-of-class activity involves watching a brief talk on “the marshmallow test,” a measure of children’s willpower.  If you would like to take part in this activity, you must watch the video (approximately 6 minutes) and answer several questions about it. 

Here is a link to the video:http://www.ted.com/talks/joachim_de_posada_says_don_t_eat_the_marshmallow_yet.html

Questions: What proportion of children ate the marshmallow before the researcher returned to the room, and what proportion waited? What does Dr. de Posada say is the most important factor for success?  What did the 15-year follow-up study show?  Did the Colombian children show the same or different results as the American children? 

This activity is worth up to 5 points.  To earn all 5 points, your answers must be correct, specific, well-written in complete sentences, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.  They should also be concise; your entire response should be no longer than one page.

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