I need help with this statistics problem..“Hack-a-Shaq”

I need help with this statistics problem..“Hack-a-Shaq” was type of defense employed by NBA teams when they were playing against Shaquille O’Neal. Instead of allow Shaq to shoot a 2 point shot close to the rim, teams would foul him so he could not take the shot. Instead he would be given 2 foul shots. Over his career, Shaquille’s free throw percentage (the chance he would make a foul shot) was 0.57.Create a probability distribution for X, the number of times Shaq makes a foul shot when he shoots 2 foul shots.  Show how you calculated each probability. Round your answers to 2 decimal places.What is the probability that Shaq made 1 or fewer foul shots (if he shot 2)?  Show your work.(BONUS:) If your team was ahead by 2 points with 2 seconds left in the game, would you foul Shaq?  Explain your reasoning.

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