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In addition to revising and improving the proposal (background and actionable solutions) submitted earlier this semester, I am looking for anthropological connections and thoughtful reflection for this final project. Reflect on the discussions surrounding your selected health topic. I am looking for improvement and growth from the proposal and thoughtful analysis on ways to address the identified health need locally. Be sure to include discussions/insights from your individual interview. Remember to cite and include a bibliography of the sources utilized. Your final project should be 5-7 double spaced pages in length. Use the following questions and attached document to help guide you in preparation for your final paper submission.


1) Identify a health concern (statement of the problem):

  • Describe a health concern that you have observed in your community.
  • What are the prevalence and/or incidence rates of this phenomena?
  • How are these rates comparable to other communities, townships, counties, cities, and/or states?
  • Why is it important to learn more about this health concern?

2) Actionable responses:

  • What has your research taught you about how to address the health needs you have identified?
  • What has already been done (i.e. locally or globally) to address this health concern?
  • What is something you think we can start implementing locally?
  • How can we begin to make this a reality?


3) Discussion:

  • What connections can be made with other health concerns we have discussed throughout this semester?
  • What are some crucial insights your interlocker share with you during your interview?
  • What does the anthropological point of view provide when it comes to studying health and healing?


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