I NEED A POST AND 2 RESPONSES TO FORUM 3 AND A POST FORUM 4 AND 2 RESPONES.JUST WRITE RESPONES RANDOMLY EITHER AGREEING TO OR AGAINST YOUR ORIGINAL POST. I WILL POST THEM TO RANDOM STUDENT IN MY CLASSEvery initial thread should be between 500–700 words and must contain real business examples from reputable business sources, include research from:2 scholarly sources,  You will reply to 2 classmates. Every reply should be 200-300 words and should advance the conversation further by providing new ideas and insights, asking probing questions that get to the heart of critical issues, and share from one’s personal and professional experience.  For the purposes of citations, every reply must include:At least 1 scholarly article :Forum 3 DISCUSSION BOARD  Choose 1 of the following questions and answer it completely and thoroughly for your thread:What are some of the challenges and benefits of companies being environmentally conscious? (ch. 10)Briefly describe acid rain. Do you think a command-and-control, or market-based regulatory approach would work better to reduce acid rain emissions, and why? (ch. 11)Do you think businesses should voluntarily undertake environmental improvement efforts beyond those required by law? Why or why not? (ch. 11)What fuels technological growth, and is this growth global or is it isolated to a few countries? (ch. 12)Should all businesses venture into e-commerce, or is it better for only certain types of businesses? (ch. 12)Is information on the Internet truly free, or should copyrighted music or software be protected? (ch. 13)Is tissue engineering and cloning an improvement for humans or a threat to humans? (ch. 13)Forum 4 DISCUSSION BOARDChoose 1 of the following questions and answer it completely and thoroughly for your thread:Can a Christian CEO of a secular corporation set an ethical tone for the company without compromising scriptural principles and at the same time avoid offending the diverse religious beliefs of potentially thousands of employees? (ch. 14)Do you think U.S. executives are compensated too highly? Why or why not? (ch. 14)In recent years, some activists and government regulators have begun to call for laws protecting a fifth consumer right, the right to privacy. Do you support this right or not, and why? (ch. 15)How do new technologies increasingly enable businesses to collect and use vast amounts of personal data about their customers and potential customers? Explain. (ch. 15)Discuss the pros and cons of the new social contract from the viewpoint of an employer and employee. What duty does an employer have to provide job security to its workers? (ch. 16)Provide an example where employee whistle-blowing is justified and an example of where it is not. Provide support for each example. (ch. 16)What are some of the challenges and benefits of managing a diverse workforce? (ch. 17)Discuss why a business may wish to get involved in community relations. What benefits accrue to businesses that actively participate in their communities? (ch. 18)In your opinion, what is the most pressing and significant concern facing communities today? Why do you think so? How would a business’s community relations department address that concern? (ch. 18)What are some of the challenges and practices for having an ethically sound and effective PR strategy? (ch. 19)

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