I need a 8 page research paper on Jack Londons works by pref

I need a 8 page research paper on Jack Londons works by preferably Sunday night, Mondaymorning the latest. Is that possible? sorry for the short notice. It needs to be specifically about his works and how they all correspond with a specific theme, nothing about his life. Must include a lot of quotes to support this. This is a high school paper so Id like it well written but not too advanced. I have written the beginning of an intro that should give you an idea of the level of writing I’m looking for, I’d like that to be included if possible for you to just add on and go from there.  Instinct superior to reason often manifest itself in the simplest of situations. Though nature portrays antagonistic aspects mans true adversary proves to be his detachment from intuition. The world shapes us in ways we are powerless to resist, intellectualizing is mankind’s ultimate detriment. The struggle for survival driven by primitive emotions battling with the thirst for structure facilitates overwhelming weakness. Jack London’s portrayal of naturalistic peril reveals  the futility of mans flawed attempts to outsmart nature, emphasizing the environments inevitable supremacy on humanity.

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