I need a 15 page Request for a proposal, (RFP) to be done. T

I need a 15 page Request for a proposal, (RFP) to be done. There is a table of contents attached. The paper need to be in that order. I chose a New Practice Field: You own a semipro baseball team (in the location of your choice) and you want to construct a new practice field. You own the land already (20 acres). The land is relatively flat and it has only a few dilapidated structures (barns) and trees on it. Connecting up with existing water and sewer lines would present no unusual technical problems. It is now September, and you would love to have that field ready to go by March 2, 2018. Your vision would include the playing field, a small clubhouse, and a parking area that would hold about 50 cars. No spectator seating would be required.show more… Listed below are the details: Your RFP should utilize the best practices of the pre-award phase listed in the text that apply to your project. You must choose the type of contract (Fixed Price, Cost-Plus, Time and Materials, etc) that you feel is most appropriate for this procurement. I will set the length limit at a minimum of 15 double-spaced pages (12-point font) for the main body of the RFP, no more than 20 pages. You may attach additional appendices if you wish, but these must be limited to clarifying material that has been borrowed from elsewhere or developed as an exhibit and they are not included as part of the minimum 15 page limit. The first page of your overall submission must be a cover sheet that contains the project title (hopefully, not “PP1” or anything like it—be inventive), your name, your e-mail address, and course identifying information (e.g., “PROJ598 for this term” will suffice —, use the correct term identifier). The second page will be a Table of Contents (TOC) listing the major RFP sections together with page numbers. The next 1 – 15 pages constitute the main body of the RFP. Remember ‘ALL’ sections in the template are graded components, so remember to complete each section and sub-section. You should not have any sections that are not applicable (N/A) or to be determined (TBD) in the proposal. Include a reference page at the “end” of the proposal listing the references that you used in the RFP preparation in APA format, including websites, if any. Don’t forget to cite any sources in the text of your paper using APA format as well. This is an academic assignment, therefore APA format is required. Appendix B contains a list of suppliers to whom you would send the RFP. These must be real bona fide contractors—not hypothetical ones. On that page, explain how you chose these potential suppliers and why they are acceptable for your project. Be detailed with your explanation. The cover sheet, TOC, reference page, and supplier list do not count toward the 15-page minimum. The structure should, therefore be •Cover sheet (one page) •Table of contents (one page) •RFP main body (Minimum of 15 pages) •References in APA format (no page limit) •Appendices (no page limit) •Appendix B: Supplier list (one page) Enclosed is a template with same instruction, The table of contents have to be in that order. Also I have started, however, with my busy schedule. I will not be able to complete. I have started the RFP, which I have included starting with 1. The name of my project is Austin Oilers in Cincinnati, OH. I also have distrubtors in Cincinnati, OH that I have located and is in this information listed below. 1. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERSCincinnati Oilers a semi-pro baseball team objective is to obtain bids from several construction businesses for creating a new practice field in Cincinnati, Ohio. The business of choice will be responsible for renovating, landscaping, supplies, equipment, and overall construction of the project. The business of choice will need to present prior projects of successful completions, and be able to fulfill all the requirements in the proposal.1.1. General Description of WorkThe construction of a new baseball practice field for a semi-pro baseball team called “Cincinnati Oilers.” The new practice field will be on 20 acres of land, which is somewhat flat, with removal of structures and trees, small club house to be added, and a parking area that would hold about 50 cars. No spectator seating would be required. The bidder must be able to accomplish the construction, such the tearing down and removing structures, removing trees, modernizing the soil, and removal all other debris that is on site. In addition too, the bidder will be responsible for engineering of the field, such as solar panels for environmentally friendly and efficient energy, and irrigation system for up keeping of the landscaping.  The project completion date is March 2, 2018. 1.2 What Must Be Included with BidListed below are the requirements that the Cincinnati Oilers RFP, of the bidders, understand fully of the project.The bid must include: Call: Dale Frazier 614-783-5595 7303 Fallow Trail Dr. Reynoldsburg Oh, 43068Dale@BaseBallRepair.comSpecializing in Baseball Fields and Drainage, Athletic Field Maintenance and DevelopmentFrazier’s Field Repair H&K Sports FieldsBaseball Field Construction and Design QuoteFor general email contact, please fill out the form below, or use a specific email from the list. For a quote, please visit our FREE JOB QUOTE page, or call 1-866-407-7687. Your privacy is of our utmost concern. It is our policy not to share any of your personal information, ever.Email: Main Officeoffice@hksportsfields.comMike Parentmike@hksportsfields.comHunt Construction Group, IncEast Region Office2450 South Tibbs Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46241 Phone: 317.227.7800 Fax: 317.227.7810http://huntconstructiongroup.com/services/delivery/ Great American Ball ParkThe Motz Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Corporate Headquarters 3607 Church Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45244 Northern Ohio Office 12955 York Delta Drive Unit M North Royalton, Ohio 44113 513.533.6452 t 513.871.5889 f info@themotzgroup.com  Green Energy Ohio (GEO) is a non-profit organization that promotes economically and environmentally sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio. GEO conducts public outreach on all forms of renewable energy.o    Address:7870 Olentangy River Rd Ste 304, Columbus, OH 43235o    Phone: (614) 985-6131Christina Panoska, Program Manager of Green Energy OhioGreen Energy Ohio will work in concert with Doty and Miller Architects to design and install 42 GE solar panels on a newly erected pavilion which will be located on the south-facing upper deck concourse of Jacobs Field, overlooking Carnegie Avenue and I-90.www.greenenergyoh.orgDoty and Miller Architects, Solar Panels designer and installer 21825 Chagrin Blvd. #310 Beachwood, OH 44122 Tel: 440.399.4100http://dotyandmiller.com/CONTACT-USAttachments: courseproject_rfp_template_14_3.docx

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