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I need 2 to 3 paragraphs on the below topic AND 2 replies to

    I need 2 to 3 paragraphs on the below topic AND 2 replies to peer postIn Week 2, your research question and thesis for the Final Portfolio Project should have been submitted to your instructor for approval.Share your approved portfolio research question and thesis here. Then share at least one criticism an opponent might offer.In replies to classmates, provide one credible source related to their topic, correctly formatted according to APA guidelines.Remember to compose a substantive initial post and two response posts.attached is the week 2 assignmentPeer Post 1:Many children are starting kindergarten much less educated and prepared than their peers, this is due to a lack of pre-kindergarten being offered to all children rather than only those considered to be high risk.  The education system should offer pre-kindergarten to all children rather than such a small part of the population.  One criticism that can be offered to this solution is that the private institutions that offer pre-k to the parents who can afford to pay the tuition would lose a lot of money if the state provided a standardized system to all children, which in turn would mean people would lose their jobs.  Peer Post 2:As we continue our war in the Middle East, we have an increased number of soldiers suffering from PTSD. These soldiers struggle to return to the civilian world and PTSD can affect their relationships, work, and quality of life. Twenty-two military members commit suicide everyday because of PTSD. As a nation we must bring awareness to the issue and make our military feel safe at home by providing them services they need and ensuring that they are not embarrased by asking for help. We need to provide new ways to help treat PTSD and support our troops to decrease the number of suicides in military members.

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