I.&nbspConstruct a structure chart, as well as aflowchart and p

I. Construct a structure chart, as well as aflowchart and pseudocode,for the following problem. Assume that input recordcontains a taxpayer’s name, the value of personal property belonging totaxpayer, and a code defining the type of a personal property owned. Each typeof property is taxed at a unique rate. The codes, property types, and tax ratesfollow:CodeProperty TypeTax Rate1Bike2 percent of value2Car4 percent of value3Truck5 percent of valueYourprogram is to compute the tax for each property and to output a line specifyingthe taxpayer’s name, value of property, and tax. The program should outputcounts of the numbers of bikes, cars, and trucks for which taxes are computed,with appropriate labels. Include a report heading and column headings, as wellas a page number on every page, with 55 details lines per page. Also include aninitial IF and a modular design. Output an error message if the input containsan invalid code value. Assume a code of 0 indicates the end of the input file.

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