I interview a psychologist&nbsp sh is a school psychologist . s

I interview a psychologist  sh is a school psychologist . she have been working as a school psychologist for 10 years , she had a lot of information about the section . I was really excited to know and learn from her , she have never worked in clinic I learn that if I am interesting to work in some clinic i can but that will be different if i work with that children inside the  schools .Work in the clinic requires a lot of medical work in either business school requires direct work with children and their parents and dealing with multiple problems.It is interesting in this regard is that each stage seminar students’ problems vary depending on the age-since there are tests for all ages, but each stage is different tests where a child younger the psychologist must a test the children to determine the problem and also when the children get a little bit they usually have problems are often all linked with emotion and when the student reaches advanced stages of the study is to deal with the student by providing advice and guidance.As for the students of non-English speakers it was or any other language for non-native speakers should be Hola give students more time to learn the language and the duration of not less than five years for young children.In the case of another if the child is from Other non-speaking English-language speakers and parents are giving the child from assisted in completing daily homework and are dealing with specialists to communicate with parents to tell them in no student in the event of progress or delay semester.In all cases, be dealing with parents is difficult, and when the parents tells us that the news of bad about their son must deal with imports cost the act, all of which indicate the anger and disbelief of the first period and the natural reaction because every father and dreaming that have provision with that of children does not have any diseases or obstructions.In all cases involving children are obtaining the approval of the parents work necessary measures to deal with the student and you sometimes are not approved by the parents to the student interview or to deal with it and you are entitled to School that the student interview only once without obtaining the approval of the parents.Upon inquiry if the psychologist  must move away entirely from his feelings or to let the emotions that govern special to the situation if this case a child. Has answered that the presence of feelings I have a psychologist  is part of the successful work provided, however, should not let these feelings to control in doing the work to be done for the student. In some cases descends level of the student in the school be due to the mother and the father is not able to complete what I started school in solving homework in this case must be considered when parents Some parents are working for a late night not be able to interest their child violin should until they provide the same good physical requirements of their child. In many cases, do not blame the parents alone and must take into account the circumstances surrounding them.More things tired psychological guide is the time spent in assignment.Of difficult situations that the psychologist  mentioned  is when she was telling a mother that her child has an Autism , the mother was really angry , that was the time when the doctor felt powerless After I interviewed  the psychologist  i felt how much being psychologist is an entrusting , and I will have a lot of difficulties but I will have also an experience .

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