I am needing help with an assignment that my teach have allo

I am needing help with an assignment that my teach have allowed me to go back and add to. I have completed the first two Milestones of the project, but need someone to add some ideas and information to milestone II.You need to tell where on the TLC the innovation falls and why.  For timing, same.  For timelines, please look at page 56. The different timelines are listed….early adopters, laggards, etc.  Discuss several different timelines that you could use and which is the best.  This should help get this back on track.  Let me know if you need help.I have also attached the PDF with the information needed to complete this project as well as the word document that I have completed.  Let me know if you have any questionsIT 515 Final Project Document.pdf -information that you need to know about milestone II is hereUnicef.docx – my finished project. you will need to add more information about milestone II here. Milestone II is already labeled.

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