Human Development stages powerpoint


In first person (woman) write 1 paragraph for each stage of human development put in power point form In your own words!! attached is an example of a powerpoint.

The purpose of the developmental timeline assignment is to gain a deeper appreciation of the developmental changes that occur simultaneously in different domains across the lifespan and to reflect on your own developmental story. The timeline should represent developmental changes that have occurred in your life from your conception to your anticipated death as an elderly person. The timeline should reflect a variety of milestones in physical, cognitive, and social development. Wherever possible, you may include true details such as the age and form of your first word. Unknown details about development or extrapolating developmental milestones you have not reached should be filled in using the developmental norms discussed in class

Prenatal Development
Infancy and toddler hood
Early Child hood
Middle childhood
Early Adulthood
Middle Adulthood
Late Adulthood
Death and Dying

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