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How the Humanities Could Me in My Career/Profession

    My future profession would be in Physical Therapy

    MLA Format

    Many are confused as to why they are required to take classes in the humanities since it does not have clear or obvious baring on their chosen academic major. For this option you are invited to author a 1,200 to 1,400-word examining the relationship between the humanities and the profession you plan to pursue (or are now at work in). Draw on, implement and/or critically evaluate course materials to address the question, “How can the humanities help me in my (future) profession”? Students are encouraged to do original research beyond assigned course materials to meaningfully explore and offer an original assessment of how the humanities relates, in ways that are clear or perhaps harder to appreciate, to their (future) career in fields including but not limited to healthcare, practicing law, performing arts, media design, law enforcement, childcare, education, mechanics, entrepreneurial endeavors, and other fields.

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