How did Sigmund Freud respond to the precept, “Thou shalt

How did Sigmund Freud respond to the precept, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”? Assess the validity of Freud’s theory of human nature in the twentieth century. Use specific historical and cultural examples to illustrate your arguments. Analyze the role of chance versus choice in the paintings of Pollock, the music of John Cage, and the choreography of Merce Cunningham. Did these artists achieve a balance between freedom and control and between meaninglessness and purposeful action?What reason does Simone de Beauvoir give for women’s traditional subordination to men? Compare this point of view with that of John Stuart Mill (Reading 30.4) and Virginia Woolf (Reading 36.10).The story by Joyce Carol Oates (Reading 37.4) is representative of gratuitous violence in modern American culture. How does Oates’ story compare with the kinds of information currently available in newspapers and television? Does Oates distill the experience of violence in any meaningful way?Discuss the effects of technology, modernism, and globalization on traditional cultures (with emphasis on ‘traditional cultures’ as the term is used in Fiero: established religious, national, and ethnic traditions as they are represented in Africa, India, China, and the Islamic world). How have these factors impacted the creation of art and music in traditional cultures? Illustrate your points using at least one art example and one music example from the readings.

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