How a sports and lifestyle company captured the sports sector

A structured research proposal for the overall topic: "Freeletics – How a sports and lifestyle company captured the sports sector" The report should be evidenced based and draw on data from recognized studies relating to the sport sector in generell, specialized to Freeletics and its main competitors Suggested Report Format: Introduction: (min. 150 words) Setting the context and outlining the structure and approach adopted in the report. Report of main findings from investigation: to include data and secondary literature as appropriate Literature review: (around 800 words) Research question: ( around 100 words) min 3 questions Research Design: (around 300 words) Data Collection and Analysis: (around 200 words) Survey, unstructured interviews and so on I attached three samples how it can look like. Please be guided by these papers. Conclusion and recommendations List of References: formatted in accordance with guidelines on Harvard style.


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