Highlight the individual, company, industry or entity that is the focus of the article

Highlight the individual, company, industry or entity that is the focus of the article. In your own words, summarize this article. What is its theme? What are the key points? What is the context? Etc. etc. etc. Define the relevant time period related to the event. Provide a reason as to why the event reported in this article is important. Assess the impact of this event: What are the related things that will be affected by this event? Be careful to assess the ripple effect of the event through to its logical conclusion. Critique: What is good about this article? What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? What is not correct? What are the biases? Is the coverage balanced? What information is omitted? What should the author include to help improve this article, etc. etc. etc. Synthesis: Now take this article and integrate it with your own knowledge or your own life. How does this article fit into the body of knowledge you are building? How does this article fit into your own lived experiences?


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