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HiActually The assignment is based on (Walker, Alice. The Co

    HiActually The assignment is based on (Walker, Alice. The Color Purple.  (1982). New York: Harcourt, Inc., 1992). So, you need to write a bibliography about the them below and the most important part is to support it with three critical sources. Finally, please Be sure to provide more details in order to make the bibliography in a good standard form..Here is the theme from the Novel:ColorShug is often described in colorful terms:she is rouged in the photograph Celie first sees of her and twice wearsseductive bright red dresses during the course of Celie’s records. She alsogives Celie yellow fabric for her quilt. These bright, exuberant colors arefull of energy. Contrastingly, the clothes Celie is able to choose from whenshe goes shopping with Kate are brown, maroon, or navy blue because Katedoesn’t think Mr. ______ will want to pay for her preferred red or purplebecause they look ‘too happy.’ When Mary Agnes first starts writingher own songs, they are songs about color: ‘they call me yellow/likeyellow be my name.’ As she tries to find her identity apart from her skincolor, Mary Agnes explores the shades of color that lie beneath her skin, inher personality–finding these colors within gives her the voice to sing. When Shug and Celie discuss their idea ofGod, Shug explains that God is in everything and that God is the beauty innature. Shug points specifically to ‘the color purple’ (traditionallya color of royalty) and wonders how such a color could grow naturally. Purpleseems rare in nature. It as though the color itself were a manifestation ofGod.

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