hi you wrote my first paper can you just revised it for me i

hi you wrote my first paper can you just revised it for me i think it only have to be 150 words i will attach what you wrote Looking on From a DistanceSometimes is it easy to forget about the importance of revision, especially when you’re writing to the deadline. For our discussion this week, we read Rachel Toor’s essay, “Not My Type.” Toor doesn’t really get into the idea of allowing for time and space between drafts, but she does discuss how much better her work is when she can approach it as an outsider (Toor, 2012). Take a look at the Narrative essay you submitted in week four. Read through it and find a few things you could have done better. In at least 150 words, discuss those changes. While you can mention it, try to look deeper than any formatting or grammar issues you may have had. Look at the way you organized your essay, how you tied everything together, even at your word choice. Could you have benefitted from writing your essay in multiple drafts? Revision PlanNow that you’ve had the chance to reexamine your Narrative essay, take a deeper look at your Persuasive rough draft in the same way. Think about how you could have made your argument stronger, more relatable to your audience, and so on.  Read through the comments from your instructor and think about how you will address those issues, but try to go even deeper. Write down your plans for revising your Persuasive essay for next week. What will you change, and how will those changes benefit the reception of your work? You should write a minimum of 150 words about how you plan to revise. *Note that your writing will be relatively informal this week, but do make the attempt to keep it as clean as possible. After all, we are talking about revision this week . . . . Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsMeets or exceeds established assignment criteria. Address comments from Instructor                     10State plans for revision                                           10Minimum of 150 words in length                             10State benefit of changes                                         1040/40Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts. Show a planned difference of rough/final draft           2020/20Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts.Demonstrates an effort to see audience’s perspective 10       Show how argument is stronger                                 10 Show how essay will be more readable and clearer     1030/30Use of proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. Attempts APA style guidelines.Revision plan is understandable                                 5 Informal format is easy to follow                               510/10Total100/100

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