Hi! The essay is for my Sociology class and has to be 2-3 pa

Hi! The essay is for my Sociology class and has to be 2-3 pages long, the topic is as noted above. So one has to write first how the symbolic interaction (SI) theory interprets social interaction, and then move to the main part, where social freezing phenomenon is analyzed with the help of the SI theory. Social freezing, or egg freezing non-medical reasons, or oocyte cryopreservation, is when women decide to freezing their oocytes early in life in order to use them at a later stage, when their oocytes otherwise would have become infertile. The point is that a women first takes her time to make a career, finish her education, find the perfect partner, and then uses these frozen eggs, without any ticking clock and time pressure. The procedure itself is very expensive and gives little guarantee, so what the question of my essay is, is why does an increasing number of women are paying so much for this procedure. How do I explain this with the SI theory? No idea, that’s where I need your HELP!Thanks and please let me know if you have further questions.

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