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Hi I need help writing this paper please. ThanksSection 1 B

    Hi I need help writing this paper please. ThanksSection 1: Boundary Issues and DualRelationships  Part A – Decision-Making Model andCounseling Examples Howwould you determine if a boundary-crossing or dual relationship is ethical andappropriate? What criteria would you consider when making your decision? Present examples of how youwould apply this criteria to at least four counseling situations in which youbelieve the dual relationship issues are complex and ambiguous. One of yourexamples should address the issues of physical attraction between clients andcounselors.  Part B-Ethical Issues and Dimensions In addition,examine these issues in terms of former clients. Address the following: · Dothe ethical issues (and your opinion about appropriateness) change, dependingon how long after the termination of therapy a dual relationship is initiated?  · Whatare the key ethical dimensions that might change, after the termination oftherapy? · Presentan example of a situation that you believe would constitute a boundaryviolation with a current client but might be acceptable with a former client.  Section 2: Professional Collaboration inCounseling Part A – Working with a MultidisciplinaryTeam Explain why counselorsfrequently collaborate with other stakeholders regarding a client’s care inorder to maintain professional and ethical boundaries and practices.  For example, professionalcounselors frequently work with clients with addiction issues. Addictioncounselors may work with clients who also have a co-occurring disorder. Thespecific roles of each of these counselors are well defined; straying into anarea outside your scope of practice is unethical.  How wouldyou work independently as a counselor within your scope of practice as well ascollaboratively with other mental health professionals to ensure quality clientcare? What is the role of a counselor in a multidisciplinary team?  Part B –Relationships with Supervisors andColleagues Describe the ethical issuesinvolved in the supervisor-counselor relationship. How is this relationshipsimilar to the counselor-client relationship? How is it different? Outline aseries of criteria and describe how you would integrate the criteria into anethical decision-making model to respond to issues of incompetence and/orunethical conduct by fellow counselors. Section 3: Developmentof Your Thinking about Ethics  Clearly describe what you consider to be the most importantdevelopments in your thinking about ethical practice that have occurred duringthis course. This may include areas in which you have clarified your views andbeliefs, modified your thinking on a given issue, gained new insights, or acquireda new perspective. It may include issues whose complexity you now appreciatemore fully or difficult issues that you now understand you must grapple with,as a counselor. What have you most learned about yourself and/or about whatconstitutes becoming an ethical practitioner and how has your thinking about ethicsand legal issues changed? Be sure that you include specific examples toillustrate general statements.

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