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Heres my abstract for the Research Project that was approve

    Here’s my abstract for the Research Project that was approved by my professor. Please write the paper based off this information. You would find the Project in the attached file.  AbstractI propose an application that is specifically designed to support a warehouse or distribution center management and staff. The system assists in facilitating management in their daily plans and in organizing, staffing, directing and also ensuring control and efficient utilization of available resources to move, store and arrange in and out of a warehouse. The following article proposes a logical and physical design of a warehouse management system that is intended to be a data storage software for storage and retrieval of data.The system is intended to work in adherence to basic data storage protocols and to be used in storing and retrieving data in any specific organization that needs the services of such an application software. The document is divided into phases to ensure that the project work is well divided and organized to ensure that the project stages are well articulated. Attachments: reserach_project_6-30.docx

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