Hello!&nbspi need you to write for me a paper call new release

Hello! i need you to write for me a paper call new release :please use this sample to understand how i want you to write it : Sample new release(2).pdf also use this checklist : https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=6734E7E8B50940CF!2126&ithint=file%2cpdf&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AOE_JWGXEF4516Eand the is my previous focus group report Focus Group Report Final Draft.docx and this is my classmate work please look at it i need it to be very similar :    http://1drv.ms/1aWplonMy focus group is about Social Networkingplease use this finding in writing the paper: The most notable finds of the session was:Females accept sponsored pinsMales have little knowledge of Pinterest, creating boards geared towards their interest could attract a male demographicThis two key findings from the session are that male participants* do not see any potential in Promoted Pins to attract male users* already feel overwhelmed with the amount of social media and the “need to keep up”The three most notable finds the focus group are that all participants :·  feel certain companies will benefit greatly from advertising on Pinterest·  advertising needs to be done in covert, simplistic ways·  and, there will be little increase in male millennial users, although female users in the  millennial generation could potentially increase if advertising is done in a tasteful way. The most four notable findings for this session are that females accept and even welcome Promoted Pins but are not highly affected by them most males lack interest in Pinterest, and Promoted Pins will not increase their interest if anything, males find the Promoted Pins make Pinterest less attractive Promoted Pins do not greatly alter female or male Pinterest usage The most notable findings were:Pinterest is that it gives the client the ability to define the brand. This makes it easier for people to relate to the brand and showcasing your passion, interest and area of expertise is a great way of connecting to the potential customers. If the promoted pins are executed correctly, there is a possibility of high ROI for the clients, driving the large audience to your website. There is also an advantage of Pinterest private messaging, by using private messaging to create relationships with influential Pinterest users, retailer have the ability to extend the reach of each pin, which in turn creates more opportunities for pin-related sales.

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