Hello I have 3 questions to answer from 3 different subjects

Hello I have 3 questions to answer from 3 different subjects, each question must be answered with at least 200 words MIN, and include Only 1 IN TEXT CITE and A REFERENCE at the bottom of the question, the reference MUST have a link with it so that I may check the reference. Art History 101: Take a look at this website and browse the many different styles Picasso’s career encompassed:http://www.picasso.com/picasso-prints.aspxPablo Picasso is considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century, for his long art career would influence a multitude of artists and a variety of artistic movements.As was for Van Gogh, there are so many different ways to think about Picasso’s work. Some suggestive questions could be: How does his work change (or not change) over time (say from ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon’ to ‘Guernica’, a 30yr expanse of time)? How could Picasso’s work be seen as the precursor to total abstraction (unbelievably cubism is not ‘completely’ abstract; something is still ‘represented’, though abstractly)? What does Picasso do with formal elements that are so radically different from what we have seen? Picasso gives us collage for the first time. How does his incorporation of found, everyday objects pasted on a canvas come to influence say a Warhol painting of soup cans? What do you see in the artwork, how does it make you feel, and do you like Picasso’s style (you will need to think about which style in particular)?Modern World History:Discuss the Middle East’s relationship with the West now vs. in the 19th century.History and Impact of the internet: Discuss the current state of innovation in the mobile Internet and apps segment. Look 10 years into the future and provide your vision for what the mobile Internet and apps world could look like. There is no right or wrong answer for this Discussion so use your imagination to articulate your vision.

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