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HW 19.

Question 1

  1. Refer to sheet 1. Run a simple linear regression. Round the parameters of the regression equation to 4 decimal places. On average, by how much do the house prices increase for each additional square foot?

Format: $1,000.00

Question 2

  1. Refer to sheet 1. On average, the regression model off by _______%. Put differently, what is the MAPE? Format: 100.0

Question 3

  1. Refer to sheet 1. _________% of the variation of the house prices is explained by the model. Format: 100.0

Question 4

  1. Refer to sheet 2. On average, the predictions is missing by _______%. Format: 100.0

Question 5

  1. Refer to sheet 2. The prediction errors are in the neighborhood of about _____ thousand rides. Format: no decimal place.

Question 6

  1. Refer to sheet 2. __________% of the total variation of the number of riders is NOT explained by this multiple regression equation. Format: 100.00

Question 7

  1. Refer to sheet2. Format: no decimal place.

If the price per ride increases by $1, number of weekly riders will drop by Blank 1 thousand;

If the parking rate increases by $1, number of weekly riders will rise by Blank 2 thousand.


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