For this Discussion, select an issue or challenge that yours

For this Discussion, select an issue or challenge that yourschool is facing (e.g., school tardiness, absenteeism, and suspensionpolicies). Review the policy and identify the gaps in the policy.Post an explanation of the issue existing in your school. Providea brief explanation of the policy surrounding this issue you identified.Explain the gaps in the policy that perpetuates the issue. Propose how youwould change the policy to solve the problem.Note: The instructor is very strict with APA 6th editionformatting. Please use correct APA formatting and proper reference and citationformatting. If you are not sure please google how to correctly format yourreferences. Do not forget to list your references and you must include thein-text citations. Also please use current (meaning within the past 2 years)scholarly journal articles as references. Provide the url links to the journalarticles as well. Thanks.

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